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Animal transport
přeprava zvířat

Transport of live animals

Boby-Fleisch s.r.o. specializes in transport of live animals. We are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic which has been focusing on transport of livestock and breeding animals for more than 25 years. The company was founded in 1992 and from its very beginning it specializes in animal trade and animal transport. Transport of animals is always carried out with maximum care, comfort and professional approach which fully complies with the current highest international welfare standards for live animal transport. Precision of the service we offer, large and specialized fleet and many years of experience in animal transport in the Czech Republic and all over Europe make Boby-Fleisch s.r.o. the leading logistic service provider of reliable and safe transport of live animals.


  • Transport of breeding cattle Transport of breeding cattle
  • Transport of livestock Transport of livestock
  • SPF transport SPF transport
  • Transport of breeding pigs Transport of breeding pigs
  • Transport of fatteners Transport of fatteners
  • Transport of pigs Transport of pigs
  • Transport of piglets Transport of piglets
  • Transport of sheep Transport of sheep
  • Transport of bisons Transport of bisons

SPF transport of animals


We are the only company in the Czech Republic that offers the highest comfort and dedication to meet the needs of animals during transportation and their welfare in accord with the highest standards and in full compliance with the current EU directives. Specially designed trailers guarantee that all demands are met at the highest possible level for transportation of animals from SPF breeding (Specific Pathogen Free – breeding free of specific infectious diseases). The health state of animals from SPF breeding is well sustained due to special construction and features of the trailer which enables efficient filtration and follow-up sterilization of incoming air that minimizes risk of infection of animals during transportation. The interior equipment of the trailer secures top comfort of the transported animals, minimizing stress and risk of injury during transportation. Ventilation combined with heating provides optimal temperature and microclimate.

Technical solution of SPF trailer secures the best conditions for transported animals. Transverse ventilation system enables filtration and monitoring of incoming air before reaching the inner space of the trailer and the ventilators also effectively eliminate the inner air with concentration of exhaled gases and metabolic gas emissions during transportation. Optimal air exchange is ensured equally all over the inner space of SPF trailer. Efficient ventilation and heating ensures optimum temperature for transported animals at all seasons of the year regardless varied weather conditions.

High standard of transportation secures comfort for transported animals and meets their specific needs such as behavioural need which helps to relieve stress in animals and optimizes productivity as well as admission of animals after transportation.

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