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SPF transport of live animals


One of the most important indicators of economic success of current swine breeding is state of health. Presence of serious infections is a predetermination factor of its economic success. Therefore, a growing number of breeders chose to cooperate with suppliers and geneticists who implement SPF status in their breeding.

Presence of economically risky infections in swine breeding determines ROI, therefore a growing number of breeders cooperate with suppliers and geneticists whose breeding methods hold SPF status. SPS breeding (Specific Pathogen Free) is characterized as an effective health check system based on regular monitoring of specific – major infectious swine diseases. This type of breeding is carefully defined and is free of specific infections as well as in full compliance with the regime of strict biosecurity. The value of breeding animals and piglets is high compared to conventional breeding with occurrence of enzootic infections. The right way to secure top quality transport reflects the above features and high value of such animals so we are bound to conduct specific SPF transport.


  • Classical swine fever (CSF)
  • African swine fever virus (ASF)
  • Brucella suis
  • Pseudorabies (PrV)
  • Atrofic Rhinitis (AR)
  • Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (all serum types)
  • Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M-Hyo)
  • PRRS
  • Scabies
  • Infectious gastroenteritis (TGE)
  • Brachyspira hyodysenteriae
  • Swine dyzenteria


Based on the fact that SPF breeding is specific infection free we can significantly reduce the costs of swine production compared to conventional breeding. Direct costs of veterinary care – mainly vaccination and antibiotic medication are significantly lower. As an example, we express costs related to acute PRRS infection. In case of outburst of infection, the negative effect per sow was calculated at 101 EUR. In the event of infection during fattening and respiration PRRS infection the loss amounts to 5.78 EUR per pig (de Paz,2015). It is one way to economically express the benefit of high health status and absence of individual diseases in SPF breeding.

SPF je v současné době již ověřená produkční možnost, která posouvá kvalitu celých chovů na vyšší úroveň. Obecně se dá říci, že u SPF chovů se sníží náklady na ošetřování a očkování o cca 30 až 60 %. Koeficient konverze krmiva se snižuje o 10 až 15 %. Je prokázána i výrazně snížená úmrtnost, lepší růstová rychlost a větší stejnorodost chovu.

Realization of SPF breeding under distinguished conditions improves working conditions, reduces calls for veterinary care and improves the working environment for the workforce.